The Health Forum is our strategic engagement forum and offers patient representatives the chance to discuss the NHS services we commission in Warrington.

There are also presentations by our staff and our clinical leads, by colleagues from other NHS organisations and by Third Sector organisations who are also working within Warrington's health and wellbeing sector.

The people who are represented at the Health Forum are a mix of patient representatives, representatives from Third Sector organisations, Healthwatch, Patient Participation Groups and Public Governors from our main NHS providers.

We support our Health Forum members and relevant training is provided (where required).

Our volunteer Patient Representative from our Governing Body chairs the meeting and feeds back the discussions directly to the Governing Body.

View the Health Forum's terms of reference

Health Forum frequently asked questions

The Health Forum is a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) engagement tool where the CCG invite representatives from the Third Sector, Patient Participation Group Together and other agencies to come together to be the sounding board of the CCG to gain patient and public feedback on their work areas and priorities.

It acts in an advisory capacity to NHS Warrington CCG and make recommendations and feedback issues, concerns and best practice regarding healthcare services in Warrington.

Our Health Forum is a membership group where Warrington patients, carers and community groups with an interest in the NHS - people who want to do something meaningful to improve health services and make change happen – can be the voice of local people relating to health and healthcare in our town.

We are determined to hear the voices of patients, as your comments can make a real difference and improve the way we plan and operate services.

The Health Forum is chaired by a patient from Warrington, this is to ensure the Health Forum remains patient focused, truly giving patients and the public a voice.  The Health Forum Chair is also our Governing Body patient representative to ensure the discussions that take place are fed through to our decision makers.

The Forum is not a public meeting, nor a meeting held in public.  All members are by invitation or by agreement by the CCG.

The Health Forum has representatives from Healthwatch Warrington, Third Sector organisations, Public Governors from our main health providers and Patient and Public Participation Groups.

The full list of representatives is:

  • Third Sector Network Hub
  • Healthwatch Warrington
  • Warrington People’s Panel
  • Public Governors from
  • Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • North West Boroughs NHS Foundation Trust
  • Third Sector organisations representing:
  • Older People
  • Young People
  • Families
  • Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Black Minority Ethnic community
  • Faith
  • Carers
  • Learning Disabilities (outreach)
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment
  • Credit Unions

The Health Forum is somewhere where we can talk with our patients, carers, and the public and give our local communities the opportunity to share their opinions with our decision-makers, allowing them to contribute directly to decisions affecting healthcare provision.

A recent example of how the Health Forum have made a difference to services in Warrington was with regard to the length of time it took to get through to the Warrington Referral Assistance Gateway to discuss a referral booking with a member of the call centre team. Patients had raised this issue as a significant concern and so, thanks to the feedback of local people, and the championing of the issue by our Health Forum feeding through to our Governing Body, we terminated the contact with the former supplier and issued a new contract to a new provider. The average call times to contact the Warrington Referral Assistance Gateway call centre team is now, on average, 30 seconds.

The Health Forum is a formal sub group from the CCG Quality Committee and reports in every month on the discussions and recommendations. The Chair of the Health Forum, who is a volunteer patient representative, sits on the Governing Body to ensure that patients are involved and included.

Support is offered to the Health Forum representatives by the CCG Engagement Manager.This includes following the Patient Representative Charter that has been developed with patient representatives:

  • providing timely and clear information on each activity (including hard copy information as requested)
  • helping and supporting representatives to carry out activities
  • providing appropriate materials to carry out activities
  • advising on how to deal with any difficulties and provide guidance with situations that are new
  • providing correct and up to date information, sent in an agreed way and format  (such as email or post)
  • to give feedback from the meeting/committee in a timely manner
  • to treat the Patient Representative as a full member of any committee/ meeting
  • hold meetings or events at an accessible venue at an appropriate and convenient time.

Training has also been given to the Health Forum members on Equality and Inclusive and how the representatives can support the CCG with this.Further more detailed training will take place in 2020/21.View the training presentation

You can contact our Communications and Engagement Team.Please call: 01925 303030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

View the minutes from the Health Forum meetings below.

There are other opportunities to get involved at different levels according to what interests you and the time you have available.  Sometimes we may ask you to give your views on a specific matter, for example the impact of any proposed changes to services or you might just receive information through our regular newsletter on our and wider health services.

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We also have lay readers who are patients and members of the public who are interested in giving us their views on our draft leaflets, posters etc before they are published to make sure they are understandable and patient friendly.

If you are interested in becoming a lay reader this should not take up more than a couple of hours a month.

All we need to know is the best way to contact you.

All personal information will be held by NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Find out more about how we hold your data and for information about how to unsubscribe from our emails.

No. These opportunities are a voluntary role and there is no financial payment.

By contacting our Communications and Engagement Team. Please call: 01925 303030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get Engaged Events

We also host quarterly Get Engaged Events which are open to all.  The aim of these events are to raise awareness of our services and enable local people to learn more about who we are and we do in our town. Find out more.

Health Forum meeting minutes

Each year we create an annual commissioning plan which sets our commissioning intentions for the year. The final draft of Commissioning Plan for 2019-2020 was presented at this meeting to seek feedback from our Health Forum members.