NHS Halton CCG in partnership with SPARC has developed a new and radical project called “Real Comics and Films in Halton”.

The project designed and produced 6 graphic comics and 6 animated films specific to Halton.

Although the main target group are people with Learning Disabilities (approximately 2,300 people) who are non/poor readers that have traditionally experienced poor health, other social groups may also potentially benefit from this project. For example; able bodied people who are functionally illiterate [1 in 5 of the population in the UK with a reading age of less than 11 years], people with English as a second language and marginalised young people [NEET-Not in Education, Employment or Training] who also do not easily engage with mainstream public health information.

The evidence shows there is an urgent need to help improve the health of people with Learning Disabilities living in the UK. Extensive national research shows that people with learning disabilities have poorer health than the general population, and yet they are less likely to access local healthcare services which can potentially make a significant difference to their quality of life.

Comics are available on the following topics:

The REAL comics can also be viewed on YouTube