This consultation CLOSED on 3rd March 2019

Development of Halton Urgent Treatment Centres – Outcome

In 2013, there was a national review of emergency and urgent care services. This review called for these services to be more responsive, offer personalised care for patients and deliver even better clinical outcomes.

The review involved a public consultation, where patients and the public informed the national review that there is a confusing mix of walk-in centres, minor injuries units and urgent care centres, in addition to numerous GP health centres and surgeries offering varied levels of core and extended services. There was also some confusion around opening times, the types of staff present and what diagnostics may be available.

To coincide with change of name from Urgent Care Centre to Urgent Treatment Centre, NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) needed to ensure that any future services are fit for purpose and are able to adapt and evolve as the NHS and Halton go forward. To this end commissioners and providers proposed a new model which would have improved services but would also look at the proposal of reducing the opening hours, as per NHS England recommendation.

NHS Halton CCG wanted to ensure that the local population were able to sufficiently share their views on the proposal to reduce the opening hours of the UTCs and that they were able to be involved in the development of the localised model for the UTCs. NHS Halton CCG also wanted to ensure any issues and themes raised were taken into account and any potential mitigating actions are considered.

A formal consultation took place from Monday 7th January 2019 – Sunday 3rd March 2019.

Update July 2019

The procurement concluded on 17th June 2019, following which we entered into the 'stand still' period. The purpose of the 'stand still' period is to provide all bidders with an opportunity to consider the outcome and it felt appropriate put forward a challenge. During the 'standstill' period we were asked to consider several points by the unsuccessful bidders.

We are confident that the outcome was correct, however considering the technicalities raised within the unsuccessful bidders letter and the impact of a legal process, in terms of cost to the NHS and more importantly the delay in implementing a new service model to improve patient care, the CCG Governing Body took the decision to abandon the current procurement whilst future options are being considered.

Making sure that local people receive the best possible care remains to be paramount, and when considering next steps this will remain at the heart of our decision making. In the interim, we will continue to work with the current providers of the Urgent Care Centres to ensure that services are provided in line with the needs of local people.

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