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Why go to see your local Pharmacist?

Patients in Halton are being encouraged to find out more about the support their local pharmacist can provide to help them stay well.

The pharmacy is a good first point of contact for dealing with the vast majority of health concerns.

Lucy Reid, Head of Medicines Management NHS Halton CCG: “There are 1.6 million visits to pharmacies every day but research shows the majority of visits are for prescription collections and many patients are unaware of the wide range of additional services their pharmacist can provide.

“Your pharmacist is available on the high street and offers free advice without an appointment, making it one of the most accessible NHS services available to patients.”

More and more people are visiting their local pharmacist to get help for minor ailments. They are a highly trained and trusted source of health advice.    

  • Your pharmacist can give you expert advice to help prevent conditions such as a cough, cold, or a sore throat from getting worse.
  • 96% of the population can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes by walking or using public transport.
  • If you are exempt from prescription charges, you can get a range of ailments and illnesses treated for free through our local NHS minor ailments scheme "Care at the Chemist" - see below for more information.
  • They can support you to manage your own health if you have a long-term condition.
  • You can talk to your pharmacist in complete confidence, even about very personal symptoms, if you are concerned about privacy, all pharmacies have a private consultation room.
  • Your local pharmacist does not charge for consultations and can advise if you need to be seen by another Health Care Professional. 
  • Often offer longer opening hours than your GP surgery including weekends. 
  • A walk in service - no appointment is necessary. 

Pharmacists are trained to know when a referral to another health care professional is advisable, saving patients an unnecessary trip to their GP. If you can't make it to the pharmacist for advice, you can ask your friends, family or carer to pop in for you.(but make sure that they have all the information they need such as what medicines you are currently taking etc.)

You can search for your closest pharmacy by using the NHS Find a pharmacy option.

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