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Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to the NHS Halton CCG Health & Wellbeing Page

As a health service, health and wellbeing applies as much to those working at the CCG as it does to the local population. The CCG is fully committed to the health and positive wellbeing of its employees and wants to do as much as it can to enable staff to be at their best, energised, healthy and motivated. This is particularly important given the changes that we face as we work through transition including successfully managing the change going forward.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing means different things for different people, however in essence it can be described as the physical and mental health of an individual.

What is 'Employee' Wellbeing?

Employee Wellbeing relates to all aspects of your working life, from the quality and safety of your physical environment, to how you feel about your work. The aim of our Health and Wellbeing resources and information will be to make sure employees are safe, healthy, happy, and engaged at work.

Employee Wellbeing is much broader than simply encouraging healthy eating and physical fitness within the workplace, employee wellbeing encompasses a range of initiatives which focuses on the following key areas:

  • Better physical and mental health - an environment that promotes healthy behaviours
  • Better work –a happy and engaging work environment
  • Better relationships –good communications and social connections

Better specialist support –interventions to manage health and wellbeing


In line with our Perform at Your Peak Programme, our Health & Wellbeing pages have been developed in  line with the PERFORM Lifestyle Wheel.


It can be overwhelming to look at all of the areas where you don't feel that you are achieving exactly what you want in life. But taking the time to really examine which areas of your life are not as balanced as you would like them to be and which areas are going well for you can be a very valuable exercise. It gives you a chance to really remember what you want for yourself and set goals. Use the Lifestyle & PERFORM Wheels to help you in getting started.


A high level summary of each of the 7 categories is confirmed as follows:

  • Psychology - My own mental health and wellbeing
  • Environment - Were we work, live, play etc.
  • Recovery - How I relax
  • Fuel - What I eat & drink
  • Organisation - How I manage my day to day demands (including home life)
  • Responsibility - What I take control of within my job, home, wellbeing etc.
  • Movement - The physical exercise I take​

Within each of the above-mentioned categories, you'll find a range of useful links and supporting information.

Our Health & Wellbeing Group

The CCG Health and Wellbeing Groups primary aim is to support the improvement of health and wellbeing for all our employees.

Primarily our focus is to oversee and support the development and implementation of the organisation's health & wellbeing agenda as informed from staff communication and engagement, specifically

  • To deliver a collaborative approach to the development and implementation of wellbeing and engagement actions, ensuring staff are at the heart of decision making
  • To review employees views in relation to their health and wellbeing (i.e. outputs from staff survey) and continuously review and develop initiatives for supporting staff