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Partnership Forum Contacts.pdf

Public Governing Body Papers 05 March 2020.pdf

Public Governing Body Agenda 05 March 2020.pdf

09 January Public Governing Body Papers.pdf

09 January 2019 Public Governing Body Agenda.pdf

Public Governing Body Papers 07 November 2019.pdf

Public Agenda GB 07 November 2019.pdf

05 September 2019 Public Governing Body Papers.pdf

05 September 2019 - Public GB Agenda.pdf

GB Papers 4 July 2019.pdf

Public GB Agenda 04 July 2019.pdf

GB 020519 Final Papers.pdf

Public GB Agenda May19.pdf

07 March 2019 - Governing Body Papers 07 March 2019.pdf

GB 070319 Governing Body Minutes 030119 DRAFT.pdf

Chief Officer's Report - January 19.pdf

Governing Body papers 03 January 2019.pdf

Governing Body Papers 1 November 2018.pdf

Governing Body Agenda 1 November 2018.pdf

Public GB Agenda 6 Sept 2018.pdf

GB 6 September Papers.pdf

Public GB Agenda 5 July 2018.pdf

GB Papers 5 July 2018.pdf

Governing Body 3 May 18 papers.pdf

Public GB Agenda 3 May 2018.pdf

Public GB meeting papers 1 March 2018.pdf

Public GB Agenda 1 March 2018.pdf

Governing Body Final Papers 4 Jan 18.pdf

Public GB Agenda 4 January 2018.pdf

02 November 2017 - Agenda and Papers.pdf

Public GB 7 Sept 2017 Agenda and Papers.pdf

07 September 2017 - Papers.pdf

Public Agenda 6 July 2017.pdf

GB papers 6 July 2017.pdf

Public Agenda 1 June 2017.pdf

Public GB Papers 1 June 2017.pdf

FINAL GB Papers 4 May 2017.pdf

Public Agenda 4 May 2017.pdf

06 April 2017 - Agenda.pdf

06 April 2017 - Papers.pdf

Public Governing Body Papers 2 March 2017.pdf

Public Governing Body Agenda 2 March 2017.pdf

Public Agenda 2 February 2017.pdf

Final PDF GB Public Papers.pdf

Final GB Public Papers 05.01.17.pdf

Public Agenda 5 January 2017.pdf

Final GB Papers 1 December 2016.pdf

GB Public Agenda 1 December 2016.pdf

03 November 2016 - Papers.pdf

03 November 2016 - Agenda.pdf

06 October 2016 Key Issues HR.pdf

06 October Key Issues Performance anf Finance.pdf

06 October 2016 Agenda.pdf

06 October 2016 Papers.pdf

Public GB Papers Sep 16.pdf

Public Agenda September 16.pdf

Public Agenda July 16.pdf

GB Papers Emailed July 16.pdf

Public Agenda June 16.pdf

Governing Body Papers Public.pdf

Final Emailed Document May 16.pdf

Public Agenda May 16.pdf

Public Agenda Apr 16.pdf

Emaled Governing Body April Final Papers.pdf

Governing Body Papers - March 2016.pdf

Public Agenda march 16.pdf

Governing Body Public Papers February 2016.pdf

Public Agenda February 16.pdf

Public Agenda Jan 16.pdf

Public Governing Body Papers Jan 16.pdf

Public Meeting - Final Papers Emailed December 15.pdf

Public Agenda Dec 15.docx

Final Papers Emailed Nov 15.pdf

Public Agenda 05115.pdf

FInal Papers October.pdf

Public Agenda 011015.pdf

Final Papers Emailed 270815.pdf

Public Agenda 011015.pdf

FInal Papers October.pdf

Public Agenda 011015.pdf

Final Papers Emailed 270815.pdf

Public Agenda 030915.pdf

Public Agenda 020715.pdf

Final Public Papers Emailed July 15.pdf

Public Agenda 040615.pdf

Final Papers Emailed June 2015.pdf

Public Agenda 070515.pdf

Public Documents Final Papers Emailed.pdf

Public Agenda 050415.pdf

Final Papers Emailed April 15.pdf

Final Papers Emailed - March 15.pdf

Public Agenda 050315.pdf

Final Papers Emailed - Public Feb 15.pdf

Public Agenda 050215.pdf

Jan15 Agenda.pdf

Jan15 Papers.pdf

Dec14 Agenda.pdf

Dec14 Papers.pdf

Nov14 Agenda.pdf

Nov14 Papers.pdf

Sep14 Agenda.pdf

Sep14 Papers.pdf

July14 Agenda.pdf

July14 Papers.pdf

June14 Agenda.pdf

June14 Papers.pdf

May14 Papers.pdf

May14 Agenda.pdf

March14 Agenda.pdf

March14 Papers.pdf

Feb14 Agenda.pdf

Feb14 Papers.pdf

Jan14 Agenda.pdf

Jan14 Papers.pdf

Dec13 Agenda.pdf

Dec13 Papers.pdf

Nov13 Papers.pdf

Nov13 Agenda.pdf

Oct13 Papers.pdf

Oct13 Agenda.pdf

July13 Papers.pdf

July13 Agenda.pdf

June13 Papers.pdf

June13 Agenda.pdf

May13 Papers.pdf

May13 Agenda.pdf

April13 Agenda.pdf

April 13 Papers.pdf

March13 Papers.pdf

Feb13 Papers.pdf

Feb13 Agenda.pdf

Jan13 Papers.pdf

Jan13 Agenda.pdf

Dec12 Agenda.pdf

Dec12 Papers.pdf

Nov12 Agenda.pdf

Oct12 Agenda and Papers.pdf

Sep12 Agenda and Papers.pdf

19 July 2012 - Agendas and Papers.pdf


96-12 Public Minutes HCCG GB Meeting 21 6 12 for ratification at the July GB meeting.pdf

Agenda and Papers for Sub-Committee 17 05 2012 PUBLIC.pdf

May 2012 Minutes.pdf

Public Governing Body Agenda - 6 October 16.pdf

Governing Body Minutes from 3rd January 2019.pdf