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Development of Halton Urgent Treatment Centres Have your say

The way the boroughs Urgent Care Centres (UCCs) operate will change this year to align with national guidance. You may know the Urgent Care Centres via a former name, such as a Walk in-centre or Minor Injuries Unit.

Patients and the public informed a national review that there is a confusing mix of walk-in centres, minor injuries units and urgent care centres around the country, in addition to numerous GP health centres and surgeries offering varied levels of core and extended services. There was also some confusion around opening times, the types of staff present and what diagnostics may be available.

To end this confusion, a national set of core standards has been established and nationally by December 2019 all areas that currently have urgent care centres, walk in centres and minor injuries units will need to develop these into Urgent Treatment Centres.

Leigh Thompson, Chief Commissioner for NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group “In Halton we want to redesign our Urgent Treatment Centres to have an improved model of care to best meet the needs of individual communities and the needs of Halton residents. The Urgent Treatment Centres will be there to treat people who need same-day urgent care but do not require treatment in A&E. This is not about saving money and we won’t be spending any less on urgent care services as a result of this proposal. We have a responsibility to make sure the local NHS is as efficient as it can be and our proposals have been carefully planned and include input from the public and stakeholders. The Urgent Treatment Centres are a valuable community assets and we now need the help of the public to look at our proposals and share their views so we get maximum benefit from them.”

The current opening hours of both Urgent Care Centres in Halton is 15 hours, per day (7am to 10pm). 365 days per year.

In line with national standards, but following feedback from a pre-consultation conducted by NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and to ensure there is a comprehensive offer, NHS Halton CCG is proposing to reduce the opening times from 15 to 13 hours, with the opening hours proposed as being 8am – 9pm.

A formal 8-week public consultation will commence on Monday 7th January 2019 and will conclude on Sunday 3rd March 2019.

Operational services will not change and you will still be able to attend and be treated by a healthcare professional.

Paper copies will be available at both Urgent Care Centres and at Runcorn Town Hall; for more information and to read the full details of this consultation, please visit

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