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One Halton

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One Halton Vision:

'Working better together to improve the care and wellbeing of the people of Halton'


One Halton is a new way of working that will involve joining up all the services that deliver care and wellbeing to the people of Halton ensuring that they have the right support, at the right time, in the right away to provide the best possible outcomes.


It is recognised that there are increasing demands on all services. The difference that One Halton will make is to place the people at the centre of care and well being so the emphasis is based on them rather than targets and outcomes.


The ethos is simply 'tell your story once, get seen quicker and stay well longer'.


By joining resources and working together across the Halton Borough, One Halton aims to simplify the current system that patients, families and carers often find complex and difficult to navigate, especially if care and treatment is being delivered by more than one organisation.


One Halton Objectives:

  • To work better together regardless of discipline;
  • To find or identify those 'hidden' people who don't access care;
  • To treat and care for people at the right time, in the right place by the right people;
  • To help people stay healthy and keep generally well;
  • To provide the very best in care, now and in the future.

What organasations are involved in One Halton;

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