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How We Work

The communications and engagement team have a varied role within NHS Halton CCG. We manage the CCG's social media accounts, website and event planning. We also manage and engage with the public on projects such as consultations.

As a team we have set procedures on how we work, we use set documents such as a consultation plan (click here to see a blank template example). This allows us to evidence and plan our work for the coming months.

At the start of any project we have to consider on the needs of the borough and how best to engage. This useful infographic gives a snapshot of the borough. We also have to plan how we are going to communicate and engage with stakeholders, for this we use a stakeholder plan

There are many ways the public can get involved, see below for how to do this;

Attend our Governing Body Meeting: Any member of the public is welcome to attend or submit a question to a Governing Body Meeting.  Please email or call us in advance to submit your question or to request to attend,

Halton Peoples Health Forum: This is a public event we hold every quarter; we have one event in Runcorn and one event in Widnes. The aims of the Health Forums are to provide a platform and information to the wider public of Halton; we have presenters/speakers from local organisations, the CCG and typically the local council. To get involved please,

We also have a Halton Peoples Health Forum Planning Group: This group helps plan the forthcoming forums and meets beforehand to plan what topics, dates and times would suit. To get involved please,

Patient Participation Groups, also known as PPGs are run through each GP practice as a way of patients to engage. Each practice will have these meetings at different times and dates, the best way to get involved is to contact you GP practice for more details.

Members of a PPG also have the opportunity to attend a PPG Plus which is chaired by a local PPG chair. These meetings allow the PPG network to come together, discuss and share ideas. If you would like any further information regarding joining your local Patient Participation Group, please get in touch,

Our PMO process - click here to view.

Working with our providers, volunteers and third party services is essential to how we work as a Clinical Commissioning Group. As well as the many groups we attend and facilitate, we also work very closely with other NHS agencies. More information about our partners is located below;

Get social;
Were a social bunch here at NHS Halton CCG, you can contact us or see what we are doing via social media.
Want to get involved with a PPG or local group? drop us an email or give us a call on 01928 593479 or email