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Halton and St Helens VCA
Halton and St Helens VCA (Voluntary Community Action) has strong relationships with Halton CCG's Engagement and Involvement Manager. This has enabled us to engage Halton's VCSE (Voluntary Community Social Enterprise) sector on a range of areas of work and influence commissioning strategies and approaches.
We have worked collaboratively on the VCSE, the development of the Halton Consortium and Halton Peoples Health Forum.
CCG's E&I (Engagement and Involvement) manager has strong local networks and connections which helps to build relationships across the sector in Halton.
We have jointly run events and focus groups to engage the local sector and specific topics such as:
-          One Halton
-          Self-care
-          GP access
-          Social value
-          GP and homecare alignment
-          A series of Voluntary Sector engagement workshops on how to best engage the sector across Halton and St Helens. These have helped to shape a strong  approach to engaging with local people throughout their VCSE sector
The E&I manager regularly attends the Halton VCSE forum. He uses the opportunity to present current areas of work for the CCG, update the sector on campaigns and begins work to consult on service changes or commissioning.
Halton Borough Council recent peer review identified the borough has some work to do on the local VCSE sector and opportunities for it to deliver more. Newly emerging work ensures this happens and strong partnership will be part of it.
Lloyds Bank Foundation is about to start work on influencing a place-based approach to the role of the VCSE sector in service delivery and doing things differently. The E&I manager is connected to this work.
Sally Yeoman CEO 4 February 2020