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Development of Urgent Treatment Centres

Development of Halton Urgent Treatment Centres – have your say

In 2013, there was a national review of emergency and urgent care services. This review called for these services to be more responsive, offer personalised care for patients and deliver even better clinical outcomes.

The review involved a public consultation, where patients and the public informed the national review that there is a confusing mix of walk-in centres, minor injuries units and urgent care centres, in addition to numerous GP health centres and surgeries offering varied levels of core and extended services. There was also some confusion around opening times, the types of staff present and what diagnostics may be available.

For Halton this means that the two Urgent Care Centres, in Widnes and Runcorn will become operational as Urgent Treatment Centres by December 2019.

We want to ensure that people know where to go if they have an urgent or emergency care need and that the services they access provide the right advice, support and treatment. We don't want people to have to go to different services to get the care they need. We want our urgent and emergency care system to be clear, simple and effective, ensuring that people are supported, as appropriate to care for themselves.


Urgent Treatment Centres are for same-day urgent non-life threatening conditions. 

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Development of Urgent Treatment Centres, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group proposing?

The current opening hours of both Urgent Care Centres is 15 hours, per day (7am to 10pm). 365 days per year. 


In line with national standards, but following feedback from the pre-consultation and to ensure there is a comprehensive primary care offer the CCG is proposing to reduce the opening times from 15 to 13 hours, with the opening hours proposed as being 8am – 9pm.  


As this proposal is a change of service, NHS Halton CCG is keen to consult with patients, the public and key stakeholders to ask their views on the opening hours of the Urgent Treatment Centres.


How you can give NHS Halton CCG your views?


NHS Halton CCG are looking for your views on the new model for the two Halton Urgent Treatment Centres and on the CCGs proposal to reduce the opening hours to 13 hours. 


A formal 8-week public consultation will commence on Monday 7th January 2019 and will conclude on Sunday 3rd March 2019.

The survey can be completed by heading to NHS Halton CCGs website or by following this link

In Halton we believe this will mean a better model of care for patients who need to see same day urgent primary care services.  We have already done some work to understand what people's experiences are of the current Urgent Care Centres and have developed a new draft model which we need your views on. 
As part of this we are also proposing to reduce the hours of opening to 8am - 9pm to provide a standardised service working with other primary care services such as GP Extra.  

Before completing the survey we would strongly encourage you to read the consultation document which contains more information and our reasons for our proposals

Paper copies are also available at Runcorn Town hall and at both Urgent Care Centres;

Widnes Urgent Care Centre                                  Runcorn Urgent Care Centre

Healthcare Resource Centre                                 Halton General Hospital

Caldwell Road                                                        Hospital Way

Widnes WA8 7GD                                                  Runcorn WA7 2DA


The new model and reduction in opening hours will be discussed in more detail at the CCG's Halton People's Health Forum; these are held in both Widnes and Runcorn. 

Halton Peoples Health Forum - WidnesHalton Peoples Health Forum - Runcorn
Date: Thursday 7th February 2019Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019
Time: 13:30 – 15:30Time: 13:00 – 15:30
Location: Halton Stadium WA8 7DZLocation: Grangeway Community Centre


Please come along and have your say, please get in touch if you would like to attend:  


Telephone: 01928 593479

If you are involved in a Third Sector Organisation and would like someone from the CCG to come to one of your meetings in the above timescales to discuss the model please let us know by using the contact details above. 

If you wish to view the pre-consultation report, click here.

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